Automate Your Drone Geozone facilitates the approval of UAVS in your area

What Is

With you have an easier and faster way to approve or reject flight requests in your geozone.

Set up tailored notifications for special drone flights, automatically approve drone operations that fit your criteria, … the main deal here is that will save you time while staying in line with governmental regulations.

Drone pilots, in turn, inform you on when they would be flying. No more last-minute drone requests on the weekend, that’s for sure.


Why Use

Why Use GeoZones .eu?

In the new enforcements of EASA, no-flyzones in Europe are now under the watch of a “Geozone Manager”. As a Geozone Manager you are in charge of the manual approval or rejection of all drone flights flying around one’s own air space or geozone.

But why keep these approval or rejection processes manual, when you can automate them instead, while also connecting with UAV operators?

With you can log into an account that does the paperwork for you.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! To set up your account, you just follow 4 steps:

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Benefits of

Ability To Revoke Approval In Emergencies

Approve Or Reject Flight Requests

Automated Flight Approval

Drone Tracking Real-Time

Flight Logbooks

“Landing” Notifications

Monetized Geozone Administration

Only Fully Qualified Flight Requests

Tailored Email And SMS Notifications

“Take Off” Authorization

Traffic Deconfliction

Built-in Risk Assessments

Different Geozones In One Account

Drone Tracking Real-Time

Easy Communication

Everything In One Place​

Flight Logbooks

Tailored Email And SMS Notifications

Traffic Deconfliction

Transparant Reservation Process

Who Is Participating?

In Geozone Managers and Drone Operators come together to collaborate.

Whether you are the Geozone Manager of test areas, villages, cities or temporary restricted airspace such as concerts, you need a system that can give you at any time of day a clear overview of whether or not the coast is clear in your geozone. 

Drone Operators, too, can benefit from using Many of us often overlook the overdose of paperwork a drone operator finds himself in. However, having your flight route’s approval within reach with just the touch of some buttons is every UAV pilot’s daydream.